Why you need an affiliate program for your business.

According to a study conducted by the National Retail Federation, 81% of brands are using affiliate marketing as part of their customer acquisition methods of today. Oftentimes, they leverage this in order to increase the awareness of their target market (83%) and to drive conversions (79%). Additionally, marketers use affiliate marketing for customer engagement (79%).

For companies who are used to channel marketing, partner marketing, or working with freelance consultants using the affiliate tracking software will allow you to digitize your sales commission, offer it to those in your network, automate partners and sales reps on boarding, attribution, engagement, payouts, and compliance.

The best part is your network can use all your funnels and digital assets which are converting without having to re-build anything but still get credited for their efforts. Making it easier for you to get your message out there!

To execute this strategy, companies often use it alongside affiliate networks. These make it simple for affiliates (publishers) to take part in the strategies that benefit their respective websites. 

These networks share their website resources that advertisers or merchants may employ in their advertising efforts. It’s a lot like a mutual relationship, with affiliates being able to produce income by helping sellers broaden their customer reach through the affiliate network.

You can implement your affiliate program with the Digital Office.

First put in all your offers into your shop manager

We manage who brought in the lead or sale through the share bar at the top and tracked in the Digital Navigator Dashboard of the user profile.

If you want to offer bonus commissions to the network please contact us at our store by clicking here.


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