Question Assumptions,
the world is the focus Group.

Hold my beer.

I often run into people who say,

“I’m not sure exactly what you do?” 


I think it’s best to start the story from when I walked across the stage at my high school graduation and the MC read out to the crowd,

“Many would say that Jordan is ahead of his time, and is therefore taking a year off of school in hopes that it will catch up.”


While I was waiting for time to catch up, I thought it might be a good idea to pursue an acting career. While I would by no means call that endeavor a success, having only appeared in a MADD Canada commercial and a YTV Commercial,  it did lead me to spend a year doing in-person demos in Large Department stores all across Canada and selling knock-off sham-wows. I must truly say that even though I became one of the top sales reps for the company, this was definitely one of those ‘check your soul at the door’ kind of jobs.

Needless to say, I thought it might be a better idea to attempt the academic route, so I enrolled at the University of Western in Consumer Behavior and Psychology.

While fully participating in clubs and a few too many social events, I also focused on two main extra curricular activities.

One of these was running the marketing intern team at Budweiser Gardens. Our team’s job was to develop and execute the guerrilla marketing and promotional campaign for the shows put on by Global Spectrum (now Spectra Experiences).

We ran shows with some pretty cool artists and performers, here are a few of the memorable ones:

I truly did luck out landing a job as a promotional representative for 102.3 Bobfm while I was in school.

I got to participate in amazing community events, drive a Jeep for the summer, participate in giveaways, and spend some time with the most awesome crew, what more could a student ask for?

At the same time, I was also working on marketing campaign contracts for companies like…

Alright, back to University . . .

Western is where I got my first taste of politics. 

I was approached to run as part of the slate as VP External because of the connections I had gained through my experiences with the radio station and arena.

Having no prior involvement in politics I very quickly learned that politics is a very different world, and that it goes beyond just marketing your message to the widest audience

Lesson learned.


Upon graduation, I was elected as a councillor member of the London Youth Advisory Council (LYAC), an Organization by youth and for youth, that strives to ensure young people have decision-making power in public processes. The youth’s priorities, perspectives and experience matter to the city’s future.

I was elected for my passion and desire to positively affect three core principles: entrepreneurship, music, and technology.

Alongside regular council duties of reviewing the bills proposed by the city council and community project proposals, I launched my own project in partnership with the LYAC:London Covers. It was a city-wide music competition targeted at revitalizing and uniting the London’s music industry.

One of my driving goals has been to illustrate the importance for individuals and society as a whole to focus on the balance between commerce and the arts as opposed to commerce being the main priority and the arts are an afterthought.

After a successful first year,the event ran for three more years before I finally made the personal decision to move to Toronto.

Recommendation outcome:

City of London funding approval for the establishment of the London Music Office. A division of the City of London, Ontario and exists to provide assistance toward the growth and development of the music industry in London, Canada.

  • Foster Music Education & Incubation.
  • Unite the Music Business.
  • Engage Musicians & Artists.
  • Live events and venue support.

During the time I was running London Covers I was approached by the city to be a task force member for the London Music Industry Development Task Force (LMIDTF); whose purpose was to spearhead the development of a community-wide comprehensive music strategy intended to promote and support music in London.

The Task Force consisted of the Mayor and twenty-two individuals who represent every facet of music in London, and was composed of members representing a range of sub-sectors and all genres of music within the industry:

  • Independent Artists
  • Events and Venues
  • Artists and Business Management, Representation and Marketing
  • Music Creation
  • Associations, Organizations and Partners
  • Music Awards Programs

The origins of the London Task Force and similar province-wide initiatives  can be traced to a series of studies commissioned by Music Canada including, “The Next Big Bang: A New Direction for Music in Canada,” and “Accelerating Toronto’s Music Industry Growth: Leveraging Best Practices from Austin, Texas.” These studies concluded emphatically that music is good for business – that a thriving cultural scene driven by music not only generates revenue through music tourism, but perhaps even more importantly, serves to create ideal conditions to retain and attract a young, highly skilled workforce. This in turn creates an attractive climate for job creation, specifically in the high tech industry.

Today My focus is on Humans (marketing), technology, & how the two interact. ​

During my University years, I took a Psychology of language course and the professor had us read was a chapter that discussed the experiment that demonstrated that  as infants we can hear a complete range of vocal sounds but if a vocal sound was not heard by a certain age, then that part of the brain would not developed and the sound would be forgotten to the point that you might never really be able to hear it again. In human to human interaction this can be seen in the case of a native speaker of a language being able to identify someone who is not, or why we make fun of accents. An argument was made that even when an individual loses their accent it is a cause of them judging people’s reaction and learning as opposed to them innately knowing.

Today, we are seeing a similar effect with how society interacts with technology, which is essentially a new language. With the evolution of technology developing  exponentially and a level of innovation surpassing anything in history, every generation has to initially adapt to new technologies at different ages, causing never before seen societal gaps.

As we truly begin to understand the effects caused by this societal technological digital world, the way we work, the way we plan cities, the laws and regulations needed to keep us safe, free, and private will all need to adapt to ensure that we collectively live joyful and healthy lives.

A desire to have a positive impact on Society’s digital literacy, along with a true passion for storytelling, is why I founded…

The Digital Navigator network is built to support your business and keep your project teams organized as you work remotely online.


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In addition to the network features Generation Digital Corp. offers business support in three core areas:

Lead Generation.

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Our process is simple:

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  • Build your automated sales or chatbot funnel.
  • Drive targeted traffic & remarket down the buyers’ journey.
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Technology Support.

Technology has become the backbone of business today, but often businesses find it is more of an expensive headache than they want to deal with.

If your organization needs assistance with:

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  • System Integration.
  • Enterprise Hardware Purchasing.
  • Technology managed services.

Our network partner technology specialists will optimize your organization’s technology spending while ensuring that this technology truly supports your team, prospects and clients.

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Business Financing.

Let investors and funding partners pitch you, so you can focus on growing your business.

Our network funding partners can match your business with offers for:

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  • Term loans.
  • Equipment financing.
  • Inventory financing.
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  • Revenue-based financing.
  • Venture Debt.
  • Equity Financing.

Some of the fun projects we have been involved with include:

Building and executing reseller marketing campaigns for enterprise technology companies.

The annual “Technical Theme” Golf tips video with, PGA PRO, Mackenzie Hughes.

Launching Canada’s first all electric transit system.

We were selected as the official transit service for David Suzuki’s star studded birthday gala.

Bringing Bubble Soccer across Ontario.

Secured Partnerships with some leading organizations and together held some amazing events.

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