Use Re-Marketing to progress clients down the buyer’s journey and provide a personalized online experience.

For your brand you will want to consider the funnels for each step and have a different optimized ad set for each step. The idea is that when a client takes the desired action you then have all the ads switch for that user so that they see new ads which encourage them to take the next desired action. Actions can include things like clicked a link, viewed a page, or filled out a form.

In this digital world this is done with tracking cookies that allow advertising platforms to track individual user’s actions.

The 3 areas of the buyer’s journey to think of are:

  • Top of Funnel (Awareness)
  • Middle of Funnel (Consideration)
  • Bottom of Funnel (Take Action)
Let’s go through a quick example.
What would be the desired action and re-marketing ads that would go along with that funnel?
Let’s use the “Appointment Setting Funnel” as an example which has the following parts:

Sales Page.

When would you show the ads?

When a user views or interacts with any of your web content, eg. watched your youtube videos or liked your social post.

 *Stop showing when completed desired action.
Desired action:
Provided a short form fill (eg. first name and email)

Survey Page.

When would you show the ads?

When a user views the page or completes the sales page desired action (short form fill).
 *Stop showing when completed desired action
Desired action:
Provided a long form fill 
(eg. company name and other key lead identifiers)

Book a meeting Page.

When would you show the ads?

When a user views the booking page or completes the survey desired action (long form fill). 
 *Stop showing when completed desired action
Desired action:
Pick a meeting time, provide meeting information and schedule the meeting into calendars.

Traditionally you would segment prospects based on who they were, but with the technology today you can provide your prospects and customers with a personalized experience across the internet based on HOW THEY BEHAVE and react based on the actions they take to logically progress them down the buyers’ journey!

If you need assistance with your digital advertising or re-marketing campaigns we are here to assist you.

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