Token Issuance Process.

A simplified process for business owners and investors to build capital as digitized assets & security tokens.

Step 1 – Issuance Creation.

The business owner or token issuer will register, create a new project, choose securities exemptions, and configure the offering details.

Step 2 – Security Offering.

General information such as prospectus and whitepaper will be presented. Token issuers specify offering agreements, funding, and token parameters.

Step 3 – Tokenization.

Assignment of symbol with smart contract and cap table specifications. The token will then be accessible by secondary markets and crowdfunding.

Step 4 – Token Crowd Sale.

Registered, accredited investors can browse published information and invest in businesses with security tokens with integrated wallets.

Step 5 – Secondary Trading.

Web portals will be created for trade administration, market making, settlement management, issuer portals, and alternative trading systems.

Step 6 – Settlement.

Operators, investors, and approved regulators, will be able to view positions, cash, and tokens. Settlements will be confirmed with secure settlement reports and security records.


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