The marketing landscape has dramatically changed for business.

The adoption of digital strategies has become an absolute necessity.

  1. A major reason is being able to use most paid advertising was traditionally only available to large brands. Today with large advertising platforms made possible by social media platforms and search engines businesses can target only the people they want, pay for the people they can, and re-market only to those who engage open paid advertising as an option for all business owners.
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  2. Open integration between cost effective software packages has allowed businesses of all sizes to automate their marketing and sales processes. This systematization has allowed companies to rapidly scale in a way that was never possible.
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  3. Marketing traditionally was looked at by businesses as a cost center. However today, you can easily track the full life-cycle of your marketing advertising spend. This has allowed people to look at each dollar into their businesses advertising spend as an investment. Many business owners have realized that investing in their own business can be the best one out there!

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