The Social Network for Business.

There are a lot of processes and systems that you actually need to actually run your business. So many that many give up, or don’t even start, before they actually automate their business systems or embrace more digital strategies into their organization. It’s likely not your core business or what you are passionate about.

Also, because of the internet, businesses now have access to a global market of customers, talent, and business partners.

We saw the opportunity to offer you a pre-integrated network, so you don’t need to worry about setting up and integrating everything, where you can meet, transact, and be supported in all areas of your business’ digital commerce.

Generation Digital will continue to build, support and give all network partners the integrated tools that they need to support their business. In exchange we ask that everyone on the network respect the revenue share model which is meant to fairly reward those that assist with building an optimized business network for all.

Everything you need to manage your projects.

From organizing, deadlining, task prioritizing, team based assignments, chopping down work to the minimal bits, getting the work done with detailed progress reports, and much more is available in your projects workspace.

All your projects and tasks in one collaborative workspace.

Create as many projects and tasks as you like. Easily add users and define their roles and privacy.

Completely revamp the way you manage your projects and task lists.

Team collaboration has never been easier.

No Usage Limit.

Create limitless tasks, projects and add unlimited co-workers or teams.

Time Tracker.

Track the time spent on a task with built-in timer. Keep log with start, stop, pause and custom entry. Easily calculate charge for hourly works as well.

Gantt Chart.

Assess dependencies among different tasks and subtasks with this creative and trusted way of organizing tasks and assignee for each project.

Kanban Board.

Use a board-style task management for all projects and tasks. Create tasks, drag and drop them among different boards and work more efficiently.

Interactive Task Calendar.

Get daily, weekly, or monthly view of task timelines with drag and drop feature. Filter them by projects or users if necessary.

Control Team Capacities & Member Roles.

Customize permission levels for each project and roles so and manage who sees and manages what. Include external collaborators easily.

Recurring Task.

Set patterns & parameters for routine tasks so that you won’t need to create them again. Automate the recurring process just the way you want.

Files & Documents Manager.

See all of your project files at one place. Navigate to the linked messages, task lists or tasks just with a single click.

Personal Dashboard for all users.

Manage your private or assigned tasks and personal progress from a single screen. View all completed, outstanding, and current tasks in the dashboard.

Overview Dashboard.

Get a birds-eye view of all projects, associated members and other details. Create projects, add, edit team members, user roles and much more.

In-project Discussion.

For a seamless and time-saving communication among the teammates, create project-wise discussion whenever you want.

Priority Management.

Set different priority tags for each task and let everyone know which task needs to be performed first. Meet deadlines more efficiently.

View Activites as they occur.

Know every bit of the update in a project from one single page. The activity log takes note of everything that is happening.

Advanced Reports with Insights.

Set different priority tags for each task and let everyone know which task needs to be performed first. Meet deadlines more efficiently.

Daily Digest.

Know every bit of the update in a project from one single page. The activity log takes note of everything that is happening.

Customer support is critical component for most businesses. Good customer support can lead to your clients spending more money with you, them bringing you more clients, and really it’s just the right thing to do.

In the digital world you can off load some of your support costs and increase your client satisfaction by creating a digital group. This allows everyone in the group to learn from each other and keeps them engaged with your brand.

It’s easy to create your own group on the network click here to create your own now.

Post a Project.

Besides the usual title, description, category and sub-category fields, includes budget type, budget currency, location, skills, tags, file uploading and duration. If you require any additional fields to post your project than please contact us.

Choose Candidates.

Employers can easily access their projects proposals from within their dashboard and from there analyze and choose the winning proposal. At this time, the proposal author becomes a candidate to work on the project.

Fast and Easy Project Matching.

Through skills, category or location type filters users can easily find the most relevant projects for their skills. Plus through brokers, headhunters, and our own partner network we will ensure that your project gets the resources it requires!

If you know someone who would be a good fit you can invite them to the network, and your team, or broker a deal.

Shared User Roles.

Usually employers posts projects, and freelancers apply to projects but when it comes to working in the gig economy sometimes employers can also be freelancers and vice-versa. All users are able to post jobs they need help with and apply to ones they believe themselves or teams would be good at.

Terms Negotiation.

After an employer chooses a project candidate, it’s important that both parties agree their terms for the project before the official assignment. At this time, employers and freelancers can negotiate with each other until they are both happy or unhappy with each other terms.

Escrow and Milestone Payments to ensure all parties are protected for the work they do.

For each agreed project you can hold the money until work ends (via Stripe Connect). On completed projects, the money held in escrow minus any site commissions will be automatically transferred to the freelancer. On non completed projects, employers are automatically refunded.

Everything on the Digital Navigator network is two-tiered commission enabled meaning everyone on the network is incented to bring you sales and to invite people they think could bring your business sales.

Gendigital Icon

However, you likely have sales team members or venture partners who you have your own arrangements with.

We have made it easy to bring your team together in a centralized Hub and it’s easy on our network to start a group, invite your members, and set the permissions to ensure only the people you want have access.

Other key bennefits:

  • Hold all team communications, documents, and announcement in one spot.
  • Allow team members to share best practices with each other through the group activity feed.

The Social Network for Business.

Take the Revenue Share Pledge and add new revenue lines to your business with the Digital Navigator Dashboard.

We have a two tiered commission enabled on everything on the network. 

Anyone you invite to register for the digital navigator network and does anything that leads back to our profit we split evenly between that digital navigator and the one who invited them to join the network.

This means that if you know anyone who would be a good fit for anything on the network invite them. If you know someone with an audience of people who would be a good fit invite them.

You will be rewarded for all the business your network team members bring to the business so invite your teams, prospects, & clients today!

Meaning anything you see that you can think of someone who could truly benefit from it you can immediately share it and then get in on the action if it’s a good fit.

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