The 6 Reasons People Buy.

It is truly important that whenever you talk about your business that you describe it in a way that illustrates how it could benefit your clients, remember this is different than describing what it is you do.

Below I have listed the 6 reasons people buy. Your job is to identify which one is the biggest driving factor of a purchase and then describe your organization in a way that really showcases that benefit.

The desire for gain.

Your customer purchases expecting or hoping for an outcome.

Pride of Ownership.

Why do people wait in lines to purchase the newest smartphones when their current one works just fine?

Fear of Loss.

What could the client lose? Customers? Profits? Market Share?

Security Protection.

Related to “fear of loss”, most people feel strongly about securing what is already theirs.

Comfort and Convenience.

When a prospect talks about wanting an easier work life balance, they are really talking about comfort and convenience.

The satisfaction of Emotion.

This motivation is most directly associated with love and ego. You can stroke this one by helping prospects imagine the impact of their decision.

Now make sure on your conversion pages to position your product or service in a way that appeals to one of these buyer’s needs.

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