4 content focus areas every business should have in their content strategy.

Pilar Piece of Content.

The goal of a pillar piece of content is to define what your value is to your customer, provide proof, and then an easy and logical next step. That can be done through the video, image, or through the text that accompanies the piece of content. Note for many targeted ad platforms now they are limiting the amount of text that can be included in the ad.

Fact: Today video is the most consumed highest converting content.

Social Proofing Content.

This the modern day digital version of “as seen on TV”

Something that gives you credibility from an outside Source.

This is known as “social proofing”, these types of pieces of content could include:

  • Interview style (Ad could come from outside source, like GenDtv ad)
  • Case Studies
  • User Generated Content
  • Press Release and use REAL media hits.
  • Review Management

Micro Content.

Repurpose all the content you have currently created to be used across your social channels. The master of this is Gary Vaynerchuck and his content model which you can read fully here. 

What are all the channels you use to reach your customers today? Are there channels you might reach your customers better? 

Targeted Content.

Identify “low hanging fruit” prospects and make your content personalized to them!

You save money by not spending it on the individuals who are not likely to convert anyways.

The money is in the “niches”

With the ability to target very specifically on the internet. People are coming to expect and only react to stuff which is personalized. So identify different profitable niches and tailor your targeting towards them.

If you need any assistance with conversion-focused copy and design we are here to help you!


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