The 4 “Offers” your organization should focus on automating.

Your Main or Foundational Offer(s).

These are your core offerings or services.

If this is done correctly, not only will you have automated prospects who are interested in talking with you but they should be qualified as the type of prospect who you want to talk with based on your desired key identifiers.

Ensure you keep the balance of how your business can benefit someone and who you want as a client.

Niche Offer(s).

For most businesses, this is the same offer as your main offer with the exception of the positioning.
An example of this would be a managed services I.T. company. Of course they can help lower I.T. costs for a business but a legal firm wants to hear how the managed services I.T. company can lower their I.T. costs while protecting their data and meet their compliance requirements. 
It may sound the same to you but to the prospect it sounds more like a more tailored solutions to their niche problems. 

Conversation Starting Offer(s).

After you have your main offer cemented, you need to ensure that you entice prospects to want to engage with your business and then progress them down the buyers journey.
Think of this in the traditional sense of a sales representative who would have to first do a pitch about what they did and why it was important, follow it up by explaining why they were the one’s to fix the prospects problems, and then followed it up again to say why the prospect should purchase RIGHT NOW.
The first part is known as the “foot in the door technique”. The issue at the beginning is that a new customer or prospect, even if they really like everything you are talking about, is that they don not know yet if they can TRUST you. 

Increase Lifetime Value Offer(s).

The upsell… the easiest person for your business to sell to is to someone who has already purchased from you.

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