Technology has become the backbone of business today. We bring the specific specialists and manufacturer partner relationships to support any technology project. We share the project revenue with the people who refer them to us.

Assemble the team to overcome your technology specialist gap or to accomplish your innovation business goal.

In the world of corporate technology, you are stuck trying to navigate through the manufacturers of technology who’s only real concern is selling more of their product and not considering what is truly best for your organization. Take advantage of highly-trained specialists that see many different business environments every day and can bring together that knowledge and experience to ensure you streamline your business technology both for cost and effectiveness.

Our extensive network of specialists and access to discounted manufacturer products, that together work towards lowering your business’ technology costs while ensuring it meets your user needs, business growth needs, & security needs now and for the future!

Our partner’s have deep relationships with all the largest technology vendors.

They focus on access your business data for true business innovation.

Do you know businesses that have upcoming technology projects? Connect them with our network and we share any revenue that we generate.

We share with two-tiers of Digital Navigators so if you know a business that purchases or you know someone who knows a business you will get paid. So think of building your teams to grow your rewards even faster! We give 33% of the project revenue we generate.

We also give you 33% of the project revenue we generate from the projects users on your team refer.

Please pick your industry.

How do we track and give you visibility into the entire project?

Group, team, and client Project Management.

Inside the Digital Office you will be able to access Virtual Meeting Rooms which will super-charge your productivity creating, organizing and assigning tasks within a few clicks. Each group is assigned it’s own projects workspace which user-friendly interface and web-based task management feature enables your teams to complete their to-dos quicker than ever.

This is where we will keep your entire project organized!

To-do lists: Add tasks, assign users, assign a due date, Time Tracking.

Mark to-do as complete/incomplete.

Add comments on individual to-do lists and to-do’s.

Files & Documents Manager.

Invoices for Charging Clients.

Personal dashboard for users.

Group Meeting Scheduler, Forums, Email Notifications and messages.


We track who brings people to register to the DIgital Office through unique tracking URLs that are automatically generated through your user-dashboard.

Basically to say, the whole site is affiliate enabled.

Once you are registered you will see a share bar appear at the top of every page.

It looks like this:

Click the button for where you would like to share the page you are on. You will see that at the end of the URL we add in your profile information. So we know when someone clicks through that link it came from you.

If the project must first be quoted.

We will invite you to the associated project room where all details will be discussed and documented.


The Digital Navigator tab inside of your user profile is where you will find all the details of your account.

Track which of your campaigns are working.

Set up the details of how you would like to get paid currently we are pre-integrated with Stripe, Paypal, and Crypto-wallets.

See your team results, properly motivating your team will lead to higher profits!


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