The 4 steps to client journey mapping, the pathway to loyalty.

Less work, Greater effect.

It would be great if people saw your product or service, bought it, used it, and repeated but in reality the journey does not normally take that straight of a path. There are many moments where you need (or at least should) should be convincing clients to pick your brand.
Staying on top of all these moments might seem overwhelming but once you map it out your team will gain a greater understanding of how your prospects and clients are interacting with you.

The 4 steps to customer journey mapping. The path to loyalty.

Step 1: Identify where your goals align with your customers

Step 2: Identify communication touch points.

Step 3: Categorize touch points as good or bad.

Step 4: Go on the customer Journey

Deliver & Delight.

After you have delivered your core product or service and delighted your customer it is important that you have a plan in place to get a referral or review.

Sometimes someone is unhappy with your organization for whatever reason. When that happens and that interaction becomes public you must have policies and procedures in place to be able to respond.


Integrate your systems to reduce redundant data entering and allow your data to flow through to where you need it… when you need it.

This creates a solid foundation for your outsource management and makes working with you easier for your clients, employees and partners.


After you have built your engine it is important to OPTIMIZE.

We recommend taking a look at three areas. These are your customer acquisition costs, the workflows, and lastly your data.

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