Unlock the promise of hybrid multicloud - Ebook

Modern IT environments are increasingly becoming an interconnected network of private cloud resources and public cloud partners. Currently, 8% of enterprises are pursuing a hybrid multi-cloud strategy in hopes of gaining the benefits that a dynamic architecture can provide.1 However, there’s a catch. The added flexibility of a multi-cloud architecture has inherent complexities.
For two key reasons:

1. Layers upon layers of integration

Enterprises are combining various aspects of public, private and hybrid clouds along with IT architectures that function like the cloud. When these enterprises rely on more than one public cloud provider, each provider could push services and resources from across multiple architectures as well.

2. Ongoing experimentation

Enterprises are experimenting with the “right place” for workloads and services. They’re deploying workloads in one environment, like a public cloud, and then migrating them to another for comparison, either the public cloud of a different vendor or an on-premises environment.
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