Tech Support – Non-profit Organizations.

Strategic I.T Solutions that help Not-for-Profit organizations achieve their mission.

We understand the nature of your operations and ensure all aspects of I.T.  are efficient with just the right amount and type of I.T. services and solutions to deliver you the results.

Best in Class I.T. Services for Not-for-Profit Organizations.

  • Concrete I.T. budgeting with reliable future planning;
  • Managing and mitigation of any I.T. risks with complete compliance;
  • Leverage cloud computing to ensure operational efficiency;
  • Asset management and I.T. procurement;
  • Ensuring your donor and organization data is secure;
  • Preparation of I.T. policies and procedures.

Strategic I.T. Consulting, I.T. Support and Services.

  • Dependable I.T. service whenever you need them, source, supply, licensing, and partnership with multiple vendors;
  • Fully managed to host services for the highest level of performance;
  • Get certified experts to implement and run your choice of cloud platforms;
  • Architect solutions to manage the growth of donor, volunteer and staff records;
  • Cutting-edge encrypted storage solutions for protecting an organization’s sensitive data;
  • Restrict access to sensitive data and report on data access;
  • I.T. management solutions tailored to your environment.

No matter what your budget, we will match you with a dedicated team that can help your non-profit organization to bolster fundraising and expand the organization’s impact with advanced IT implementation.

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