Social Media Management

Most people can post to social media in one way or another. But when it comes to delivering quality content, that’s where many fall down.

There is so much noise online that to make your company stand out is harder than ever.

Elevating your Social Profile

It starts with a finely tuned profile page that is designed to encourage Followers, getting you Comments and Likes as well as building your reputation online. The goal is to position you as an expert so that you will receive sales inquiries through social media.

The words and images you use mean everything. Defining the content and delivering it with your brand voice takes skill and the Generation Digital team is here to ensure you succeed!

Here’s exactly what you get:

  • A 30-minute monthly strategy session (in-person/video call) with me to review the last month and to plan the next month.
  • A concept for a 2-week or 4-week social media campaign.
  • Example posts written, designed & mocked up for your approval.
  • An online proposal for next month’s posts content for your approval
  • The approved graphics are then posted to your social media pages every single day of the month.
  • Plus, a weekly call from me to check we’re on track.

In that monthly planning call, we will discuss points such as:

  • Review the previous month
  • The target audience
  • What is happening in your business during the next month
  • What new areas can we promote?
  • Nail down objectives and highlights
  • Plan the next month’s special offer and talking points

Tip #1

The best social media content is video.

Not only does Google own Youtube and heavily prioritizes its content, but video content gets over 50% more engagement than static images. Anyone can shoot decent quality videos on their smartphones these days so start experimenting!

$1,999.00 / month

Our Timeline.

Getting Onboard This is the super light version of the timeline we came up with on our strategy call. It’s incredibly high level but there’s a lot to each of these elements and there’s a lot that’s not mentioned.

DAYS 1-3

Once you have signed our proposal and set up the monthly payment direct debit we will arrange our initial first call.

DAYS 4-7

Write initial posts and send to you for approval.  Plan the start date for our structured social media month. 

Post the first content on the social media pages of your choice for you.


Review and plan. Repeat what works, cut what doesn’t and reap the rewards!

Our Guarantee.

20 social posts every month… or that month is free.

Every month we will have a 30-minute meeting either in person or via a phone call to outline the general ideas for the following month. 

Once the plan is set out, we will send-through our initial ideas and posts. 

Providing that you attend the meeting as scheduled and subsequently approve (or amend) the posts within 2 working days, we guarantee to provide and post 20 social media posts the following month.

If you live up to your end of the bargain and we fail to live up to ours then that month will be free!

It’s that simple!

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