Set up your event page.

Set up and manage your digital events easily with our integrated events and tickets manager.

It doesn’t matter if you are running a webinar, virtual event, video series, or a virtual conference save your time from having to set up landing pages and integrate all the systems needed to manage your events with the events and tickets manager on the Digital Navigator Network.

If you need assistance setting-up your Digital Event for a limited time we are offering FREE event setup services to make sure you’re running smoothly! 1 hour


Community referral tracking for your event.

Of course, good word of mouth marketing starts with a good business but happy clients and people that share your valuable content can easily become your best source of sales.

This applies to more than just your business’s products and services but also to all of your content as well.

Use the Digital Navigator Dashboard to track and reward individuals who bring you sales.

We handle your team member accounts by automatically tracking which members have referred visitors to the website. Your team members are tracked because their IDs or usernames are automatically added to their URL through the share button across the top, therefore the system can track which member link brought a customer to the website.

Once a new registration comes to the network through a unique link that registration is added to that link owner’s team.

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