Linkedin Lead Generation Package

When you started selling I doubt you did that with the intent to sit around trying to figure out how to connect with the right prospects all day. Tirelessly trying to generate sales. Spending your valuable time trying to get new clients when you would rather be innovating and creating new systems and processes within your organization.

Well lucky for you we can automate a lot of the process for you!

This will give you a consistent flow of high-quality leads booking with you!


$1,499.00 / month

What do you get with our managed profile offering?

Dedicated Digital Navigator.
One of our team members will watch over the entire process to ensure your success.
Written Message Templates.
We will create a series of message templates based on the different kinds of prospects responses.
Meetings Directly to Your Calendar.
Meetings sent or integrated directly to your calendar for you to close.
Written Page Content.
Optimized Linkedin Profile page.
Network Growth.
Growth of your page visibility and number of followers on Linkedin.
Full ROI Reporting.
We track everything to ensure you have a clear picture of your investment.

What does our process look like for automating out your prospecting with Linkedin?

Step 1.

Ensure Linkedin Sales Navigator is properly set up.

**Monthly subscription not included in management fee**

Our marketing strategists will walk you through the services you have just purchased. We will discuss social language and review tone, and get credentials for account(s) access, so we can do work on your business’s behalf to increase your digital marketing reach.

Step 2.

Work with you to ensure your profile page is optimized to show the best version of you.

Think of your LinkedIn profile as a shop. It represents a personal brand of you, as well as represents the company’s brand. A properly set up a LinkedIn profile can attract your ideal client. This means to bring more customers to your shop. Our team have spent significant time testing and figuring out the best way to set up a LinkedIn profile that actually brings customers in. Also, need to publish good content on a regular basis.

Step 3.

Define ideal client profile.

Once the profile is set up, the next step is to start hunting for prospects. We do independent research to ensure we are targeting the right clients’ profile. Within this research we are defining the following:

  • Company Size
  • ​Past Lead and Account Activity
  • Geography
  • ​Relationship
  • Industry
  • ​Company Size
  • Function
  • Title
  • Company Headcount
This step is critical in terms to ensure we approach people that can actually benefit from your product/service. Sales Navigator has 20+ criteria based on which you can narrow down the ideal clients profiles and target the most relevant ones.

Step 4.

Content Development.

All the content is being developed, from invitation message, follow up message, or any other message that needs to be sent throughout the campaign. All the content will be confirmed by you, as the messages are sent from your profile, and you must be comfortable with the content.

Preparing Response base replies :

  • Connection request message (within 300 characters)
  • Accepted reply
  • Not Sure
  • ​No Thanks / Not Interested
  • ​This is not relevant to our business.
  • ​Thanks.
  • ​Wrong Person / not the right contact / not the correct person.
  • ​Yes please send information to my email.
  • ​Yes please send me information.
  • ​Sounds interesting.
  • ​Will consider for the future but I don’t need it right now. I will reach out when I do need it.
  • ​Will consider for the future – can you tell me more?
  • ​​​Looking for work.
  • ​Going on Holiday.
  • ​B2C – I only sell to consumers, not to businesses.
  • ​Please send info via email.
  • ​Reach out in 6-12 months.
  • ​Budget / Pricing.
  • ​I just want to see information for now.
  • ​I am really not interested. Please stop.
  • ​We don’t use X Product / Service – Please speak with NAME (reference person).
  • ​Yes – Calendar Appointment Requested.
  • ​Work Now & Pay Later.
  • ​What exactly do you do? Can you explain? Please elaborate…
  • ​No replies for a long time.

Step 5.

Daily Linkedin Outreach.

Once we start, we will be sending 100 of customized invitations each working day. As there are ~20 working days per month, we will send at least 2.000 customized invitation request – all to highly targeted prospects.

Follow-up on requests – As your ideal client accepts your invitation, we are automatically sending a customized thank-you message.

Custom messages – As prospects respond, we are moving them to human responses, in order to push them toward requesting a quote, or to talk to sales.

Step 6.

Reporting on Results.

Overview of invitations sent, how many prospects have accepted, how many were initiated communication, and how many of them have become warm. leads. This report can include a database of all acceptance with all their contact information – which can be used for further campaigns.

Step 7.

Delivery of Warm Leads & Optimizing.

Our definition of a warm lead is a prospect that has asked for a quote or requested to talk to sales. As such, warm leads are forwarded to your sales team, including all the gathered data. The delivery can be in simple excel file, URL to the LinkedIn communication, or we can directly upload your CRM (Zoho CRM)

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