Launch your Affiliate or Referral Program.

How awesome would it be if you had 100% commission sales people working for you so you only need to pay when they actually bring you sales.

What if you automated the onboarding, tracking, & paying of the whole process.

That’s what an affiliate program can do for you and we manage the whole process for you through The Digital Office.

Here’s how:

Step 1) Open your vendor shop and configure your products, services, and offers to how you want to get paid. We have pre-configured stripe and coinbase for you to accept payments.

Step 2) Fill out the form on this page with the URL you would like to add to an affiliate program and the details of how people get rewarded.
Step 3) We review and if approved will add your offer to The Digital Navigator Dashboard for all registered people can view and promote.
Step 4) We help you to create a blog post that explains your affiliate program making it is for you to get people excited for your new affiliate program. Are you ready to build a connected revenue-sharing business?
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We manage your entire project here on
The Digital Office.

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After purchase the Digital Office profile will get an invite to the associated project group.

Giving you complete transparency.

Our network of professionals have worked cross industry blending together marketing and technology to analytically grow and optimize businesses across the world.

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