Dont Know What To Do With Their IBM Power Systems

Are you deciding whether it’s more cost-effective to migrate off or innovate on your IBM Power Systems?

We can give you a real picture of the true costs.

Organizations who are deciding whether it is more cost-effective to migrate off or innovate on their IBM Power Systems are unsure about:

  • Their current technical resources are pending retirement.
  • Costs of staying on vs. cost of going off in true dollars.
  • Increased demands from the business to improve customer, employee and stakeholder experience.
  • Security and Complexity.
  • The pressure to use to leverage the cloud.

If you are feeling the same way our partner network is able to assist you in addressing these concerns by:

  • Full Infrastructure, Security and Application Assessment.
  • Cloud Consulting to determine the true cost of moving to cloud/hybrid cloud
  • Roadmapping exercise linking technology to future business requirements.
  • Stakeholder engagement around customer experience.

We want to work with business owners and business executives who are looking to optimize their I.T. investment. Action takers who are ready to get back to their core business and remove the technology headache.” If this sounds like you then please see if you qualify to have your technology investment optimized.

Corporate innovation comes down to three things today: people, process, and profit. Many of our clients’ past frustrations were from using partners who do not understand or do not address all three. This is sometimes labelled as “product pushers” but simply is the frustration caused by only looking at pointed offering and not how a complete solution impacts your organization.

Our network of partners are market-tested highly-trained specialists that see many different business environments every day and can bring together that knowledge and experience to ensure you streamline your business technology both for cost and effectiveness.

Together we will work to overcome any barriers you are experiencing in your corporate innovation journey, saving you the time, frustration, and cost!

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If your business has a skills, information, or resource gap we want to ensure you are connected with the right trustworthy people to overcome it quickly and cost effectively! 1 hour

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