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Business Challenge:

  • Ensuring the integrity and effective use of data in a business environment where there is increasing availability of data and tools for analyzing it.
  • It is a reasonable expectation that simple and complex questions get answers in a realistic timeframe.
  • This would be easier and better achieved with a data strategy.

What is data strategy?

  • A plan to help set direction to data and how the organization will use it in direct support of their organizational strategy.
  • An intentional action plan to capture, integrate and use data to advance the organization’s mission and goals.

7 key elements fo an effective data strategy:

  1. Data Acquisition
  2. Data Governance
  3. Data Quality
  4. Data Access
  5. Data Literacy and usage
  6. Data Extraction and reporting
  7. Data Analytics

Value of a data strategy?

  • A data strategy facilitates the integration of data collection and analysis elements throughout the entire organization into one unified plan and set of goals.
  • It also allows the different functional business units the flexibility to develop their own data and analysis goals while aligning with those of the organization.
  • A good data strategy is determined by what data is needed to support what the business wants to achieve.

Why On-going monitoring?

  • An effective data strategy will periodically analyze whether more streamlined or otherwise refocused data reporting would lead to more and better actionable information for decision making.

How will a data strategy help?

  • A Data Strategy Review, will look at your ‘AS IS’ state of your Data Strategy and facilitate a discussion on your preferred ‘TO BE’ state and help you develop and execute a plan to close the gap.

If you don’t have a Data Strategy today, we will work with you to develop and execute one!

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