Accelerate AI Vision deployments and increase productivity.

An artificial intelligent product that allows you to train highly accurate models to classify images and detect objects in images and videos without deep learning expertise.

IBM Visual Insights (previously PowerAI Vision) makes computer vision with deep learning more accessible to business users!

IBM Visual Insights includes an intuitive toolset that empowers subject matter experts to label, train, and deploy deep learning vision models, without coding or deep learning expertise. It includes the most popular deep learning frameworks and their dependencies, and it is built for easy and rapid deployment and increased team productivity.

By combining IBM Visual Insights software with accelerated IBM® Power Systems™, enterprises can rapidly deploy a fully optimized and supported platform with blazing performance.

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Train models to classify images.

Auto label videos to train models for object detection.

Employ continuous learn to label objects.

Accelerate AI Vision deployments and increase productivity

Label from videos

Model management

Label from images

Data management

Simple enough for subject matter experts

Interface streamlines process for domain experts to bring data and train models. Subject matter experts across industries can now build models for AI solutions with limited deep learning skills.

Increases productivity automating tasks

Iteratively train deep learning models and automatically label videos to create volumes of accurate data sets for training.

Flexible – train and deploy anywhere

Engage compute-intensive IBM Power Systems to train and then export the trained models and deploy them on-premise, in the cloud or on edge devices.

Adaptable – supporting custom models

Import your custom models in TensorFlow so your data scientists no longer need to train, tune or deploy them.

Faster insights and more accuracy

IBM Visual Insights (previously PowerAI Vision) was designed to unleash AI performance capabilities of IBM Power Systems and leverages IBM Research performance breakthroughs.

Enterprise-grade reliability and support

Deploy with confidence, knowing the entire software-hardware stack has been tested and validated for interoperability with optional support available from IBM.

Use AI to ensure the safety of workers.


According to the International Labor Organization every 15 seconds, 151 workers have a work-related accident and 321,000 fatal occupational accidents. Work accidents remain a huge, cross-industry problem, despite safety regulations and procedures.


Industries are applying AI technologies to monitor and enforce regulations for safety. Embedded computer vision applications can flag workers while entering hazardous environments or scan a construction area to alert supervisors to act.

Drone surveillance for Energy and Utilities


Power companies rely on manpower to visually inspect their towers over large areas. Manual inspections are notorious for being expensive, risky, and slow especially when the towers are spread over mountainous inaccessible terrain.


Power companies are transforming inspection jobs by deploying drones with cameras to capture inspection data. AI for such industries can help decrease time, increase frequency and reduce risk to workers.

Visual insights for quality


Manufacturing operations use visual confirmation to ensure t parts have zero defects. The volume of inspections, product SKUs, and the variety of defects pose challenges to delivering a high-quality product.


Deep learning models deployed on factory floors ensure little decision latency during production. Systems learn continuously by taking feedback from manual inspectors. AI is beginning to deliver reliable results with low escape rates.

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