Split Test Ad Set.

We deliver 3 interchangeable ad Headlines, plus 3 Main Ad Body Copies, and a single Newsfeed Link Description.



Lead-Generation: Advertising.

By utilizing our business ad network we take our collective user, consumer, and business industry data to zero in on the prospects who not only want to hear from you but who are the type of prospects you want.

The best part is as we run more network advertising we can share in the optimized platform targeting algorithms across the network so that everyone gets a better ROI on their advertising marketing spend.

It’s an easy process to get your campaign started!

  1. Choose what creative you want to be designed for your campaign and proceed to checkout. 
  2. You will receive an invite to a project workspace where we will ensure the creative matches your vision and will resonate with your target prospects. 
  3. Once you are happy with the project you decide whether you want it on our site or your own and pay the $250 set up fee. 
  4. Lastly, you pick your monthly advertising spend, our management fee is tiered based on your monthly ad spend.

Tier 1.

Monthly Ad Spend of $300 – $950.

Management Fee is 30% of ad spend.

Tier 2.

Monthly Ad Spend of $1000 – $2950.

Management Fee is 20% of ad spend.

Tier 3.

Monthly Ad Spend of $3000+.

Management Fee is 15% of ad spend.

Alright time for step 1, pick your creative!

Some of the fun projects we have been involved with include:

Building and executing reseller marketing campaigns for enterprise technology companies.

The annual “Technical Theme” Golf tips video with, PGA PRO, Mackenzie Hughes.

Launching Canada’s first all electric transit system.

We were selected as the official transit service for David Suzuki’s star studded birthday gala.

Bringing Bubble Soccer across Ontario.

Secured Partnerships with some leading organizations and together held some amazing events.

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Do you want to get paid with the Digital Office?

Besides providing you the tools to grow your business online, we offer people who help to grow the network and the connected businesses extra revenue sharing rewards!

Next Steps.

Enter the Digital Office.

Remote Business Collaboration.


Group, team, and client Project Management.

Inside the Digital Office you will be able to access Virtual Meeting Rooms which will super-charge your productivity creating, organizing and assigning tasks within a few clicks. Each group is assigned it’s own projects workspace which user-friendly interface and web-based task management feature enables your teams to complete their to-dos quicker than ever.

This is where we will keep your entire project organized!

To-do lists: Add tasks, assign users, assign a due date, Time Tracking.

Mark to-do as complete/incomplete.

Add comments on individual to-do lists and to-do’s.

Files & Documents Manager.

Invoices for Charging Clients.

Personal dashboard for users.

Group Meeting Scheduler, Forums, Email Notifications and messages.

Schedule a set-up call with our team.

Generation Digital Corp is here to support your business to simplify, automate, and grow!

For many businesses it starts with defining the correct strategy and we are here to help you build your plan and fill in your team gaps as it is executed.

If you would like to start with a FREE one hour strategy session where our highly skilled specialists and consultants will dive into your business goals and gain an understanding of your current environment please book a strategy call here:

If you already know your direction we have some packages and services on the next few pages which will assist you in achieving your business goals!

Some of the companies we have worked with:

You know someone who would benefit from these services?

You can get rewarded for helping your network to increase their revenue as they better collaborate digitally!

If you bring a business who purchases any of our products or services we will pay you 20% of the purchase price, plus you receive 10% of the purchase price of all the purchases people on your team bring. To get someone on your team they have to register to the digital office with your Unique Tracking URL with your registered profile at the Digital office. Register for free at www.gendigital.me

We win together!

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