Get paid to build your team
and to promote networked businesses.

You get paid for any businesses on the Digital Office that you help grow.

Every time your team buys or sells that the Digital Office transacts you get a share of the revenue for influencing the sale.


Let’s face it your business needs more people to know about it and you know people who could be helped by a business.

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We made it easy for you to incent people to promote your business and get paid from the businesses you refer people to.

Base Revenue Share.

We charge a 3% revenue share to both the buyer and the seller which we automatically send to the team leader.

So, you get paid every time someone on your team buys or sells.

Build your team.

The more people you get to register to The Digital Office the more transactions you get a revenue share of!

You want to remember that the revenue share is on both buying and selling from you team members. Meaning to maximize on your earnings you will want to ensure everyone on your team is utilizing all the features the integrated features.

Here’s an example…

You get at least 3% of all the transactions your team members bring to the Digital Office. So, if you were to assist your team members store to have $1,000,000 (CDN) in annual sales you would get a minimum of $30,000!

It’s time to grow your revenue engine!

There are also BONUS commissions, and they come from the shop owners.

We believed it was important to build a revenue share model right into the Digital Office but we also understand that depending on the business, product, service, or offer that this might not be enough to motivate the network members to take the action of sharing it with the people they know that could benefit.

To fix this we allow networked businesses to offer bonus commissions. 

If you are a shop owner looking to do this please contact us here.


Finally, a way to incent, reward, and automate payment for
word of mouth marketing.

Truly, one of the most effective marketing avenues available to business today.

How do we track and pay you?


We track who brings people to register to the DIgital Office through unique tracking URLs that are automatically generated through your user-dashboard.

The whole site is affiliate enabled.

Once you are registered you will see a share bar appear at the top of every page.


It looks like this:

Click the button for where you would like to share the page you are on.

You will see that at the end of the URL we add in your profile information.

So we know when someone clicks through that link it came from you.

If the project must first be quoted.

We will invite you to the associated project room where all details will be discussed and documented.



The Digital Navigator tab inside of your user profile is where you will find all the details of your account.

Track which of your campaigns are working.

Set up the details of how you would like to get paid currently we are pre-integrated with Stripe, Paypal, and Crypto-wallets.

See your team results, properly motivating your team will lead to higher profits!

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