Network Builders.

Network builders get rewarded.

We reward people who help us build the network and we made it easy to track with the use of the integrated digital navigator dashboard.

Our affiliate program is a little different, we call it the Digital Navigator Program, and that’s because it’s based on network wide ongoing revenue sharing with anyone who helps to build the Digital Office Community.

How we do it.

When someone registers to the Digital Office with your unique URL they are added to your team. Any network purchases or transactions from your team members you get rewarded. 

Also, you get rewarded for the purchases or transactions from your team member’s team of people, meaning you will want network builders on your team. 

We all win together with the built in revenue sharing model.

How it works.

Every registered user gets a unique url that allows us to track the registrations back to the correct profile.

We made it easy for you to share any of the content on the site with the share bar at the top which automatically generates your unique URL.

When someone comes through your link and joins the network we add them to your team.

What you get paid for.


We charge 9% on every transaction on the network and we split that three ways.

You get 3% from your team members purchases or transactions as well as 3% from your team members team’s purchases and transactions.


All of the Generation Digital products, services, or offerings on the site we have bonus rewards for you.

  • If a purchase happens through one of the Generation Digital affiliated stores we offer you 20% of the sale from all your team members and 10% of the purchases made from your team member’s teams.
  • If it is an appointment that leads to a sale we offer you the same as above but on our profit or referral commission.

Promote our business growth services and business technology partner matching services to share in the business innovation and optimization revenue.

We are offering a BONUS on our work team’s e-Sports league on the team membership fees. A team’s registration fee is $200 you get $100 from all the team’s you register and $25 from the registration fee’s your team members sell.



The revenue share model is also networked enabled for Shop Owners, meaning a shop owner could offer bonus commissions on any of their shop product offers.

You can see all the offers and your rewards inside the Digital Navigator tab of your user profile.

This is a great way for vendor shops to digitize their sales commissions and easy for all network members to refer sales and then getting automatically rewarded. 

How do you join the
Digital Navigator Program?

Once you register for the Digital Office we automatically start to track any registrations that come from your profile’s unique tracking URL. After you are registered you are going to want to navigate to the Digital Navigator Dashboard tab of your user profile and put in your payment details. You can connect your paypal account, stripe account, or crypto wallet.

If you would like to be paid differently please contact us at the Generation Digital Store by clicking here.

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