Build your marketing & sales engine!

Grow your business in an automated and analytical way.
Get a clear picture of your cost of acquiring new customers.

Step 1 – Define your product or service and build the online conversion point .

In today’s environment the online version of your business is typically the first interaction a prospect is going to have with you.

The question you have to answer is what do you want the prospect to do at that the end of that online interaction. Buy something, schedule a call, sign up to your newsletter, or whatever makes the most sense for your specific business.

Once you have your answer it’s time to build your online conversion point.

Make sure you think like a customer!

Is your conversion point obvious and enticing to a fresh set of eyes.

Click here to learn more about our recommended website building process.

Easily add your products, services, and content offers to The Digital Office Store Manager. Don’t build the systems, save your time. 

REMEMBER it’s what you say and how you say it online is what counts! 

Step 2. Analytically advertise
targeted offers to targeted prospects.

Advertising used to be looked at as a cost that your business had to spend to grow but really you never knew what was actually working.

Today, with online advertising platforms, you not only get to zero in and target buying customers better than ever before but now you get a clear picture of what is working and what is not.

MEANING advertising is no longer a cost but an investment!

Zero in on lowering your cost of acquisition to improve your investment.

Investing in your business could be the best return your money can make!

Step 3. Automate your sales progression.

Depending on your business the steps between getting a prospect from interest to sale can largely vary.

The goal for you is to identify what part of the sales progression takes you the most time and focus your time and efforts towards improving that.

Take advantage of The Digital Office built in Project management, time tracking and invoicing tools.

Another area you might want to focus on is automating your sales commission or what the industry calls, “launch and affiliate program”. This will allow you to track and reward the people who actually bring your company sales. Essentially giving you access to an 100% commission sales team.

Step 4. Optimize with customer journey mapping.

Use customer journey mapping to optimize your most important client touchpoints. In essence go through the entire processes as if you were a customer. 

Where did you get lost or stuck? 

What could have been better?

Remember the sale doesn’t end when the customer pays, you must deliver and delight every time they interact with your business.

Once the entire process is smooth and optimized your focus should go back to step 3 and improve the cost of acquisition of new customers.

Step 5.
Outsource your business technology management
and innovation.

Driving your corporate technology costs down, while ensuring you have access to the technical skills needed to securely innovate.

Our extensive network of specialists and access to discounted manufacturer products, that together work towards lowering your business’ technology costs while ensuring it meets your user needs, business growth needs, & security needs now and for the future!

Your are invited to select your industry below to learn more about how managed I.T. services can benefit your business.

Our partner’s have deep relationships with all the largest technology vendors.


If you have completed the above steps you have officially built yourself
a marketing and sales engine.

Some of our past projects

Building and executing reseller marketing campaigns for enterprise technology companies.

The annual “Technical Theme” Golf tips video with, PGA PRO, Mackenzie Hughes.

Launching Canada’s first all electric transit system.

We were selected as the official transit service for David Suzuki’s star studded birthday gala.

Bringing Bubble Soccer across Ontario.

Secured Partnerships with some leading organizations and together held some amazing events.

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