Conversion focused copy & design.

Your branding is truly the face of your company and you want to ensure that you have your best face for all of your customer touchpoints.

We will review or create your corporate branding ensuring there is consistency across your organization. 

Professionally designed letterheads, mailers, business cards, and much more!

Currently, you can get this package for $999 (CDN)!

Package includes:

  • Style Guide. 
  • Social Media Branding. 
  • Presentation Template. 
  • Word Template (letterhead). 
  • Business Card Design.
  • Email Signature. 
  • Unlimited Revisions. 
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

What’s included in the corporate brand package?

Style Guide.

Includes font types, color template, logo usage, & look/feel of your overall brand.

This is the foundational guide to your company’s “voice”. Giving you the rules to follow when your brand is used anywhere. Outlining the different versions of your logo and when to use them, what is your color spectrum (what colors to use where), what font types you can use in what places, and a standard for how you want to present yourself through any outward communication.

Social Media Branding.

Headers and Profile Image Designs.

Even if you are not active on social media to utilize their advertising platforms you will NEED a profile set up. Once it is up this is a representation of your brand and if prospects and customers happen across it you want these to not only look professional but help you to stand out and be remembered.

Word and Powerpoint templates.

Also known as a letterhead.

From proposals, case studies, and for everything else you need a document for on the fly. This professionally designed template will allow you to create these quickly and efficiently while keeping brand consistency across your organization. Think of when you are submitting competitive proposals, looking professional in the presentation of it can ensure you STAND OUT!

Business Card Design.

Provided with a template, allowing easy updates for new employees.

A business card is something business professionals still value highly. A well-designed business card not only ensures you look professional but if done right will assist you to stand out, be a conversation starter, and will keep you remembered after your face to face interaction.

Email Signature.

Optimized for mobile.

This is an often-overlooked piece of real estate can help you drive traffic to your social channels, your top converting content, or to your custom meeting link allowing people to book meetings directly into your calendar without any back and forth.

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