Integrate your systems to reduce redundant data entering and allow your data to flow through to where you need it… when you need it.

Integrating your systems, software, and processes can make your life a whole lot easier. It also creates a solid foundation for your outsource management.

Let me show you an example of a sales workflow to get you thinking about how you could simplify the workflow at your organization and where you might have some redundant tasks you might not have even thought of!

  • Your lead generation form pass all client data to your CRM

  • This assigns it to the correct sales rep and starts an email sequence which includes a meeting link for prospect to book a call right into an availability of the sales reps calendar.

  • Meeting happens and you create a custom proposal. All the client data is pulled from the CRM and based on the product selection all legal forms and payment options are automatically customized and created.

  • When proposal is sent an automatic follow up email sequence is started until prospect completion or response.

  • Once quote is approved, legal forms signed, and payment made all information is synced with Accounting Software and/or Affiliate management or Sales Rep payout.

  • Based on the products selected a project is created in your project management tool and tasks automatically assigned to the people needed to execute.

  • Lastly, you want to be able to manage as much of the workflow from as few different dashboards as possible. For example having most of the workflow managed from your email inbox.
Workflow strategy & the technical support.
Alright, now hopefully you have a workflow strategy in mind that would save you time and effort in delivering and scaling your organization… but how can you build it?
The key part is to first list out all the software systems that currently have the data and then to rank them as one of the four following categories.

Software solution has built in integration with other software solution.

Open API or webhooks which are on a platform like zapier.

This allows you to use logic instead of programing to build your workflows

Software has open API’s or webhooks but are not on a public supported API platform.

For this you are either going to need a program to build the integration you need or many times there is a company that has built the integrations you need and can assist you to do it faster, cheaper, and more secure.

Your systems have no open integration.

Many times your providers do not have any open integration. This could be because of security concerns or a barrier to keep you on their system.

For your future advanced technology projects to work, your need to be able to access your data in “real time” and that is only possible if your systems are truly connected.

Any process, automation, or algorithm is only as strong as the data it can access.

We believe that it all starts from a good foundational strategy and that’s why for select companies we are offering a FREE DATA STRATEGY SESSION with seasoned technology specialists who will help you to build your plan.

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