Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and deliver value to your customers. It’s also a cultural change that requires organizations to continually challenge the status quo and experiment.

It’s a journey not a destination.

The key to meeting the challenges of the “postmodern” world is to reuse, extend, and integrate rather than complete replacement because by the time you implement full-scale ERP replacement strategies, the world will have changed again.

Are you currently experiencing any system integration challenges or planning a modernization project?

If so, book a 30 minute meeting to see how our pre-built APIs, architecting expertise, and vast partner network have been saving clients significant cost and time.

“A key distinction of digital business is that it’s event centric, which means that it’s always ready and always sensing.”

– Yefim Natis, Gartner Research

Are your processes aware of critical events impacting your business?

Big data, social, mobile and the Internet of Things (IoT) are producing data faster than ever. You need to be able to cut to the chase and make sense of the events that are critical to you. An-ser© connects everything, simply and intelligently, giving you the context you need to keep business running smoothly.

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Access to accurate, time sensitive data lets you respond in the moment.

Now you have just the right information at the right time, and you need to get it to the right people in real-time.

Provide approvals or missing information to keep critical processes moving quickly and easily.

An-ser© mobile alerts allows your team to stay informed and keep work moving from their device.

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Improved context with analytics that matter means better decisions.

Now you can see the forest from the trees! Make better and more informed decisions.

The An-ser© event modeler lets you capture only the data needed for the decision at hand. There is no need to change your systems.

Our intelligent rules engine lets you handle planned and unplanned events.

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Ready to see what An-ser© can do for your organization?


The core capability, our partners brings two decades of enterprise application Design, Build and Deployment. Design-led & agile, we build strong, long lasting relationships with our clients as we create solutions with them.


We have vetted out the thought leaders in the field of Applied AI who are differentiated with their practical experience of delivering AI centered projects for our clients.


We have a suite of educational programs & resources to develop the in-house capability of our clients, launching them as an AI leader in their industry.


Solutions that are trusted by some of the biggest enterprises worldwide to deliver chatbot capability with their teams.


A development framework dedicated to knowledge management and decision dashboards.

Custom ML.

From detecting emotions in chat messages to assessing drone imaging for damage in industrial equipment, we bottle human expertise into reusable scalable ML models and systems.

Computer Vision.

Capability to deliver scalable, enterprise-level solutions built on the latest computer vision technology.

We understand that there is a spectrum of artificial intelligence questions, problems, and ideas.

First, ensure you have a proper plan that includes whether or not you have access to organized data and what systems do you need to integrate into.

We can help, let’s book a 30 minute meeting so we can get a better understanding of your organization.

As an IBM Gold Business Partner, we are committed to showcasing the latest IBM hardware and software technologies within our facility. We are very pleased to be the only IBM Business Partner Innovation Center (BPIC) in Southwestern Ontario. You can feel confident that you are working with an IBM acknowledged Gold Business Partner with leading technical skills and consultative cross-platform solution capabilities for your business needs.

Enterprise and software giant SAP has set a 2025 deadline after which its systems will be built to run on just one single database – SAP’s HANA.

Some are concerned the process of migration will be slow, difficult, and expensive. Time being spent on migration, testing, and training users how to use the new software. We are also being told that the closer to the date companies wait the more difficult technical resources will be to secure.

What if I told you that you don’t have to rewire everything and you can migrate faster, all while making your processes aware of critical events impacting your business.

How you ask? We got the An-ser© (platform).

Easily connect to your existing systems, Designed with the business user in mind, Little or no coding needed!

Digitize your process to achieve results in weeks, not years.

If your organization is currently utilizing SAP you NEED to talk to us.

Click to watch two of our senior VPs of Innovation and Disruption discuss the current landscape.

If your organization is currently planning a technology transformation or trying to figure out where to start book a 30 minute meeting with either of the speakers.

30 minutes can be the start of saving your organization cost, time to market, and being replaced from the Uber of your industry.


Doreen Sebben

Vice President, Solutions


Rad Dockery

Director of Digital Innovation

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