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Open your shop

For most businesses selling involves much more than just transacting a product and we created the shop manager in the marketplace to support this.

Now you can manage all your appointment scheduling, memberships, downloads, landing pages, and way more all in one place.

It’s free to use and we only charge a small fee on actual transactions. So truly, we only succeed when you succeed

Plus, we have an easy to use shop wizard that will quickly allow you to set up a network & from your shop manager you can create your pages for appointments, products, memberships, offers, and digital downloads. 

Invite your contacts.

Create your digital group or virtual meeting room and take advantage of the integrated project management tool.

Communication, project management, & document management all in one place.

  • Project Groups
  • Event Networking
  • Thought leadership group
  • Business Support 
…but you are going to need members in the digital office.

We have made it easy for you to invite your contacts by connecting to your email.

Now we want to be clear that we use a secure 3rd party to connect to your email and we won’t see or be able to use any other data. This is just to make it easy for you.

Alright with that said, let’s get to inviting some members.

Anyone who registers through your invite will automatically be added to your team.

Get paid to help us and/or any of the connected shops.

Our affiliate program is a little different, we call it the Digital Navigator Program, and that’s because it’s based on network wide ongoing revenue sharing with anyone who helps to build the Digital Office Community.
How we do it.When someone registers to the Digital Office with your unique URL they are added to your team. Any network purchases or transactions from your team members you get rewarded. Also, you get rewarded for the purchases or transactions from your team member’s team of people, meaning you will want network builders on your team. We all win together with the built in revenue sharing model.

Our team is here to help you with all things digital. Book a time to discuss your needs.

Currently, we will set up your vendor shops for FREE.
We just need the list of your products and company branding.

Let’s book a time to meet! We love learning about new businesses.

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