Jan 30 - 31 2021



2 day workshop to become visible & discover your unique message for the world

Does this Sound Familiar to You

Has anyone experienced a bully at one point their life?

Or perhaps they are not bully but nay Sayers, calling you loser, dreamer.

Anyone here has someone like that in their life?

Now, imagine,

The nay Sayers, the name caller is no one you know but your own parents.

Just picture this.

Every evening at dinner table. Have your mother yelling at you, and your father shouting out and calling you a loser…

Imagine what would it feel like…

This is exactly what was happening to me when I was a teen to my adulthood. This is my story.

But I can understand.

Since I was in 11th grade, I got very sick. And my parents have no idea how to deal with my new health situation.

I don’t know about you. But I believe in God 
Thanks goodness, God protected my mind, soul, and spirit.

I have always been a cheerful in my teens and young adults’ years, despite what was happening at home.

When there was nobody but God. I asked God for wisdom, and I learned to manage my emotion. To stay coolheaded. To analysis situation.

So that …

instead of reacting the situation, I take initiative to resolve the problem.

But I was still limited by limiting belief. Somewhere in my mind I felt I was not worthy. And I stayed at a cashier for 6 years…6 years…

Finally, when I relocated to Markham, Ontario, I decide to take on a sale job and later a customer service role. But I am still living in a helmet.

Until one day… Until I burn all my bridge.

How many people heard of that phrase before?

I heard that phrase before…too. But I don’t think I understand… what it really means, until I get into the end of my robe.

I was hospitalized in June 2015. And I could no longer take a job as an employee due to my health issues. I decide that I will make my then digital marketing hobby into my legacy business.


so, what did you think I do to start that journey?

I do not want to wait until I am perfect to find my first client.

What did you think I decide to do?


Listen to me. Get this down. 

When action meet the level of faith, it is time to pray.

Because whatever you ask in faith… when you align yourself with the will of God, which is love… when you know you are here to serve, to create a better world…whatever you ask will be granted.

All you need to do is take action and to be the best version of yourself… and leave everything that is beyond your control … to God. God will take care of that.

So, here is what I did… 

I sent a LinkedIn introduction to all my connection that time.

I land my first job where I work for a window treatment company for free.

Honestly, before I took that job, I have no idea about what window treatment industry is. But within 36 hours, I complete automate his twitter.

My client was so impressed, he left me a great testimonial and from that job I land another job, and then to another job

Experience Confidence and Feel Purposeful.

We are hosting 2 Day Free Beta Workshop on the last weekend in January 2021: Jan 30 and 31.

Day 1: Reclaim Your Personal Power – Free from Disempowerment

  • Explore Emotion Attachment to Disempowering Words
  • Experience NLP Visualization Exercise to Release Emotions
  • Remove Limiting Beliefs & Work Towards Possibilities
  • Enable Yourself to Feel Positive Emotions
  • Learn to Forgive Your Offenders & Yourself

At the end of Day 1 training, you will feel at peace with yourself, free from disempowerment, and start your journey to forgive your offenders and yourself on a regular basis.

Day 2: Discover Your Unique Message for the World – Put Yourself Own Virtual Stages

  • Explore Your Passion, Talents, & Visions
  • Niche Down & Create Problem Statement
  • Understand Your Ideal Customer Avatar
  • Explore Possible Solution for Your Audience’s Problem
  • Extract Your Knowledge into a Business Blueprint
  • Explore Different Type of Funnels
  • How to Setup & Launch Your Program
  • How to Gain Visibility with Content Publishing
  • Getting Your First Virtual Stage
  • Bonus: How to Get on Other People Stages

At the end of Day 2 training, you will uncover your unique message for the world, and how you can share that message on your own virtual stages and other people stages.


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