Help us build the Digital Navigator Network and get rewarded!

From the desk of the Founder of Generation Digital!

I wanted to quickly explain to you  the Digital Navigator Dashboard inside all of the registered network users.

The whole Network is two-tiered affiliate enabled. You will receive commission on everything your team members purchase and from everything your team members team members purchase! All of your success can be tracked right here in your own Dashboard.

What do we mean by team members?

Well, we believe in revenue sharing with the people who truly provide value. The issue for most businesses is actually tracking who on their team actually did what to properly reward.

At Generation Digital we want to reward those who bring the purchase to the network to support that anyone that registers to the Digital Navigator Network through your unique link will become one of your team members.

Where to find your unique link?

Well because the whole network is affiliate enabled and we want you to be able to share anything with anyone you know who might benefit we made it easy for you to share and track the content.

When you are logged into the network you should see a flashbar at the top of your screen that looks like this:

Once you click any of the share links the generated link will automatically add in your user name, so we know anyone that registered because of your efforts to add to your team!

How do you get paid and how much?

Although most of the network’s features are free for all users to use we charge 9% of all transactions that go through the network.

3% goes to the navigator who has the purchasing Navigator on their Team.

3% to the team lead of the navigator above.

You will continue to receive these commissions as long as the member is apart of your team!

Let me be clear this a baseline for you, but there is the opportunity to make even more.

All the network shops are free to offer affiliate bonuses to incent you above and beyond this.

Of course, here at Generation Digital Corp, we do that as well.

Anything from our network store that is purchased:

20% of purchase goes to tier 1 Navigator.

10% of the purchase goes to tier 2 Navigator.

**Note these products and services can be found under your lead generation tab in your profile.

For any other business as a result of an individual filling out any of our forms, like Financing Matching of Technology Support, we split our negotiated profit evenly between the two tiers and Generation Digital Corp.

You will be able to track the entire lifecycle of the project inside the project’s workspace we will invite you to.

We win when we all work together to create an optimized business process for all!

Next Step:

Ensure you become a digital advisor to your clients and invest the time to review our course. While we went through all the training out there and having actually tested the strategies we kept notes of some of the best stuff.

You will find this and more inside…

Jordan Sojnocki

Digital Connector and Storyteller
Generation Digital Corp.

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Identify business gaps.

Identify business gaps.

Step 1.


Are they happy with their digital foundation?

(eg. Social, Website, Mobile Applications, Online Business Directory Business information.)

Step 2.


Do they have a consistent lead stream coming in from online?

** If yes determine what is their highest converting offer.

Step 3.


How do they drive a targeted online audience?

** This could be through paid advertising or through “Social Selling”.

Step 4.


What processes can they automate and what data do they need in their systems or applications?

**Data can go all the way to determining Artificial Intelligence Solutions.

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