The marketing landscape has dramatically changed for business as the adoption of digital strategies has become an absolute necessity.

There has been 3 major reasons that have caused this change:

  1. A major reason is being able to use most paid advertising was traditionally only available to large brands. Today with large advertising platforms made possible by social media platforms and search engines businesses can target only the people they want, pay for the people they can, and re-market only to those who engage open paid advertising as an option for all business owners.
    – – –
  2. Open integration between cost effective software packages has allowed businesses of all sizes to automate their marketing and sales processes. This systematization has allowed companies to rapidly scale in a way that was never possible.
    – – –
  3. Marketing traditionally was looked at by businesses as a cost center. However today, you can easily track the full life-cycle of your marketing advertising spend. This has allowed people to look at each dollar into their businesses advertising spend as an investment. Many business owners have realized that investing in their own business can be the best one out there!

Generation Digital Marketing and Sales Automation Products and Services.

We make sure you are completely supported in getting your company online, maintaining your online presence, and growing your digital business.

For all your marketing and sales needs please check out Generation Digital’s store to purchase right away.

If you know of businesses who could benefit from Digital marketing please first take our course and then feel free to share any of our content, products, or services.

Or, if you offer some of the same services to your clients already you can now easily add new revenue lines while being able to offer your clients much better experience.

Please select the area that your or client’s business needs assistance with.

By utilizing our business ad network we take our collective user, consumer, and business industry data to zero in on the prospects who not only want to hear from you but who are the type of prospects you want.

The best part is as we run more network advertising we can share in the optimized platform targeting algorithums across the network so that everyone gets a better ROI on their advertising marketing spend.

You have two options when it comes to your advertising campaigns. You can have it launched from the Generation Digital accounts saving you the time and effort for setting up all your individual accounts.

If you have it direct back to Generation Digital Landing Page, which we include a basic one free of charge with every self hosted advertising campaign, you also get Team Members for all the people who come to your landing and register to the network.

Second is to have an advertising campaign directed at your own digital assets, the stuff that got built in step 1.


Either way it’s an easy process to get your campaign started!

  1. Choose what creative you want designed for your campaign and checkout
  2. We will set up a project workspace to ensure the creative matches your vision and will resonate with you target prospects.
  3. Once you are happy with the project you decide whether you want it on our site or your own and pay the $250 set up fee.
  4. Lastly pick your monthly advertising spend. To note our management is tiered to reflect monthly ad spend.

Tier 1.

Monthly Ad Spend of $300 – $950.

Management Fee is 30% of ad spend.

Tier 2.

Monthly Ad Spend of $1000 – $2950.

Management Fee is 20% of ad spend.

Tier 3.

Monthly Ad Spend of $3000+.

Management Fee is 15% of ad spend.

Of course that management fee is shared out with the two tiers of network partners as well!

Alright time for step 1, pick your creative!

We do this through creating content your audience will love and making them put their email address in to receive it.

We’ll then design and write intelligent email campaigns which, over time, get people who are interested to “raise their hand” and qualify themselves as a legit sales lead.
Keep reading to learn more…

We start with 3 things:

1) Landing pages with lead magnet
2) Funnels and drip campaigns
3) Opt-in content / landing page

Initial strategy session.

Our initial strategy session will involve largely finding out what content to produce. We’ll ask you a lot of questions, look at your product or service, your FAQs, your customer service email address. All of this is to find out what your audience really wants to know.

Well performing blog posts are also great for this.

Once we have some ideas from this, we’ll form them into viable suggestions and we can discuss which one your gut tells you will be:

a) Easiest to write.

b) Generating the most interest.

Plan of Action.

Week 1 | discovery session – Get an idea of what content will work best
Weeks 2-3 | content creation – Head down, and putting pen to paper
Weeks 3-4 | landing page design – Getting the tech in place
Week 4 | writing drip campaign – Plotting the timeline and writing version 1 of your automated email campaigns
Week 4+ | run ads and traffic – Start driving traffic to your landing page

Your Investment.

We’re a little different – We don’t operate on full payments.
This means that you can pay monthly for the duration of the deal and therefore you’re unlikely to ever be “out of pocket”.

We find this works best for both parties.

The Deal – $1500 (CDN) per month for a minimum period of 6 months. That’s it.

Don’t think of this as “a grand and a half a month”. This is a $9,000 decision and you need to be comfortable with that. In truth, it’ll be more than that because with us around you’ll be spending more money on traffic to your website and various other things. If you need to take a loan or remortgage your house to pay for this then the deal is off.

Minimum Term
The minimum term is 6 months. The reason is simple. We need your commitment for that length of time to achieve the kind of results we both are setting out to achieve. Giving you the ability to cancel at any time means you’re not thinking long term and as you know, that isn’t the kind of thinking that produces epic results.

Funnel Products.

Our goal is to Generate tons of leads with you in the next 6 months!

Chatbots deliver automated chat to instantly engage your community and convert hot leads into customers! Chatbots are customized for your business to answer common questions, promote offers, book appointments, qualify leads and route them to your staff 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

The problem chatbots solve.

70% of people would rather message a business than call. Chatbots instantly engage customers and eliminate hold times, dropped calls and voicemail. With a Chatbot deployed any conversation can be a conversion. Instead of traditional marketing and sales platforms that rely on forms and email follow-ups, our technology leverages messaging to build trust with visitors, gather contact information and deliver your business qualified leads in real-time, like a virtual assistant.

Key Benefits.

Chatbots deliver automated chat to instantly engage your community anad convert hot leads to customers!

chatbot icon

Human Augmented Chat.

Chatbot marketing converts leads and customers love it!

Businesses who adopt chatbots have a serious advantage over their competitors.

appointment booking

Appointment Booking.

Allow prospects to book appointments with you based on your real-time availability.

Connect your Chatbot to your Office 365 Calendar, Google Calendar or iCalendar to instantly schedule discoveru calls and sales meetings with new customers.

Intelligent Agent Hand Off.

Intelligent Agent Hand Off.

Never miss a lead with AI powered intelligent agent handoff.

Questions without a programmed response are routed to your staff so they can answer in personalized two-way Chatbot chat.

increased conversion

Increased Conversions.

Increase conversions from Facebook Destination Ads and Sponsored Message ads. Instantly engage visitors, answer common questions, book appointments and route hot leads to your staff automatically.

more effective than email

More Effective than email.

Chatbots have less  friction than email with 80% open rates and 30% click through rates. The average email open rate is between 6% to 18% (Statista). And they’re more personal and interactive!

Chatbot Products.

Copy Products.

Design Products.

Website Products.

Social Media Products.

SEO Products.

For all of your requests we will send you an invite to a joint projects work space. This is where you and your matched specialist can iron out the details of your upcoming project.

Make sure you have registered for your gendigital.me profile and you can take a look around the project management work space while you wait you can create as many work spaces as you like to keep all your other projects organized.

Inside each projects workspace you with have direct team communication, access to all addition documents, time tracking, invoicing, and over-all projects timeline.

Generation Digital follows a 4 step process road map that guides business owners on a path to automate their sales and marketing processes and campaigns.

At the very least this process this will create a strong foundation to have the marketing process be built in a way that can be analytically optimized so that a business owner can improve the ROI on their marketing Spend.

Click on any of the following steps to read more!

Step 1.

Establish your organization’s digital brand.

Step 2.

Develop a targeted converting offer that you can optimize.

Step 3.

Identifying targeted traffic you can reach and become omni-present to.

Step 4.

Optimize & automate your process and delivery.

For all registered users you get Project Manager Module for FREE.

Planning tools to ensure the best use of your resources.

Track all task and projects.

Meet your deadlines more efficiently.

Advanced time management tool for efficient time tracking.

Make team & client collaboration more effective than ever.

Get advanced reports for full insights about everything.

If you haven’t yet registered for your gendigital.me profile we invite you to join the network here.

Some of the fun projects we have worked on.

Building and executing reseller marketing campaigns for enterprise technology companies.

The annual “Technical Theme” Golf tips video with, PGA PRO, Mackenzie Hughes.

Launching Canada’s first all electric transit system.

We were selected as the official transit service for David Suzuki’s star studded birthday gala.

Bringing Bubble Soccer across Ontario.

Bubble Soccer at Stratford Northwestern Secondary School was a hit! Bring it to your school today! #BubbleUp

Posted by Bubble Up on Monday, November 30, 2015

Secured Partnerships with some leading organizations and together held some amazing events.


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