Brand & Content Strategy Presentation.

How do you package your company to tell the right story to your prospects and clients?

What’s all inside?

  • Psychology of Color – What color says about your company?
  • How a small change in color made a 21% improvement!
  • Website vs Funnels. When to use which one.
  • How to create a content strategy and plan to see where your gaps are.
  • What are the different types of content and where can you use them.
  • How to re-purpose the same piece of content in multiple spots.
  • and much more!

It’s important to establish your brand rules so that you keep consistency across you organization and can react quickly as new content is required. 

When is this important?

It’s important for an organization when: 

  • Starting a new company, division, or initiative.
  • Looking for a refresh now that your business has evolved.
  • The business evolved quickly and didn’t have a chance to properly package it.
  • Ready to take the business to the next level!

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Step 1.

Establish your company’s “Voice or Personality”

Step 2.

Create Foundational Content that showcases your company’s “voice”.

Step 3.

Conversation Starting Content.

Step 4.

Track Optimize.

To access the presentation please enter your email

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