3 Areas of your business to outsource.

Outsource the tasks that free up your time to focus on the tasks that matter in your core business… or just give you more free time.

Lead Generation & Sales.

Support Groups.
This becomes self-serving between users and salespeople. 
**Note you still need a community manager assigned for any support groups. This can be tasked and used a Virtual Assistant for.
Digitize your sales commission plan.
Tap into the power of 100% commission with affiliate marketing.
Outsourced Sales Firms.
You can research outsourced firms and even negotiate a cost per closed deal which will help you to better predict your margins. As much as we talk about being digital and automated pushing to talk with sales and closing the deal person to person still has a much higher close rate (just need to account for the time and effort required to close the sale).

Your Core Business.

We understand that your core business is ALSO your passion and not something you would want to completely outsource but it is still important to evaluate all the time you or people in your business are doing tasks and see if there is a more effective or automated way of doing so. 
One effective strategy that has become popular recently is the use of virtual assistants.
Virtual assistants allow you to get rid of a lot of tasks, both business and person, which will free up more of your time to do the more important tasks or the ones that YOU ARE MORE PASSIONATE ABOUT.

Technology Management.

Your business needs technology to run and even if your systems are automated there still needs to be people managing it. On top of that, the cost of all the technology your business needs can really add up to a significant expense. Just like the marketing strategy portfolio tactics constantly changing and needing to be managed the same goes for your technology and licensing. 
Look for a technology team that can support your needs and has the specialized skills that will allow your business to SUCCEED! 

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