3 Areas of Your Business to optimize for more profit.

Customer Acquisition Costs.

It’s important to look at how much it costs for you to acquire and support your prospects to clients. 

Some ideas of places to look include:


Landing Page Conversion Optimization

​Ad click through rates

​Ad channels

​Email Sequence Optimization


Just because it is built doesn’t mean that it can’t get better, but how would you know? It is important to think of optimizing workflows the same as a science experiment.

First, do the customer journey mapping we discuss on Step 4 to determine the areas that need improvement.

Then make sure to establish the following:

What is it you are going to measure the outcome of and what is the baseline today?

What variables are you going to test?

Your Data.


Now that you have integrated all your business data it is time to use it for deep analytical insights to make more informed business decisions and testing optimal workflows.

What is even more exciting is the ability to apply machine learning and artificial intelligence to the data to test and optimize faster than ever before!

Did you know that…

“Nearly eight out of 10 organizations engaged in AI and machine learning said that projects have stalled, according to a Dimensional Research Report. The majority (96%) of these organizations said they have run into problems with data quality, data labeling necessary to train AI, and building model confidence.”

It’s crazy to think how much better we could solve problems if only organizations could better access the data. What compounds the problem is there is a lot of misinformation out there in regards to advanced technologies like artificial intelligence. Any process, automation, or algorithm is only as strong as the data it can access. Within the public and private sectors, there are high hopes about the ability to use data to solve business and sustainability challenges. Many of the projects attempting to address these challenges fail in regards to the data that is needed accessed in REAL TIME.

For your future advanced technology projects to work, your need to be able to access your data in “real time” and that is only possible if your systems are truly connected.

Any process, automation, or algorithm is only as strong as the data it can access.

We believe that it all starts from a good foundational strategy and that’s why for select companies we are offering a FREE DATA STRATEGY SESSION with seasoned technology specialists who will help you to build your plan.

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